Why Use Feed Microbial Additives - Poultry Edition


Main ingredientsBacillus licheniformis 8×109CFU/g, Bacillus subtilis 8×109CFU/g, Bacillus coagulans 4×109CFU/g, carrier calcium carbonate.

PropertiesLight white yellow powder


1. The raw materials of microecological preparations used in this product are all produced by single-strain liquid submerged fermentation and special drying process, and the number of viable bacteria exceeds 1×1011CFU/g. The high content of raw materials ensures the stable and good quality of the product content.

2. The microbial strains used in this product have been screened through long-term optimization, and are composed of different strains with excellent characteristics such as fast splitting speed, strong enzyme production capacity, high acid production concentration, and rapid oxygen consumption through a large number of experiments and theoretical calculations. It is incomparable to a single species.

3. Advanced production technology ensures that the product has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, easy preservation, not easy to be deactivated during use, high retention rate and stable vitality.

4. Poultry-specific compound microecological preparation is a functional product developed according to the physiological characteristics of poultry.

5. The addition of excellent microecological preparations with excellent bacterial species and high bacterial count content can quickly adjust the balance of intestinal flora of livestock and poultry, and achieve the effects of disease prevention, disease resistance and production performance improvement.

6. Reduce the use of antibiotics, avoid the negative effects of antibiotics in the breeding process, reduce the production of drug-resistant strains, and make sick birds easier to cure.

7. No antibiotics, no pollution, no residue, no drug resistance, no toxic side effects, it is a safe and reliable green product.

Mechanism of action

1. High content of high oxygen-consuming micro-ecological preparations enter the body of livestock and poultry, quickly consume oxygen, provide a good living environment for beneficial bacteria, and inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria.

2. The addition of high content of lactic acid-producing bacillus reduces the pH of the digestive tract of livestock and poultry, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of nutrients, the reproduction and growth of intestinal beneficial bacteria, effectively control the survival of harmful bacteria, and protect the poultry intestines. Tao health.

3. The addition of high-yielding enzyme strains optimized for breeding, endocrine protease and amylase in animals, make up for the lack of endogenous enzymes in young animals, improve protein and starch digestibility, and improve poultry production performance.

4. The addition of high content of beneficial microorganisms can quickly compete with harmful bacteria on the intestinal villi to reduce the colonization of harmful bacteria. At the same time, some beneficial microorganisms can selectively bind to the sites of harmful bacteria, carry harmful bacteria out of the body, enhance the disease resistance of animals, and reduce the incidence and mortality of intestinal diseases.

5. The addition of beneficial bacteria with high bacterial count also contains a large number of live beneficial bacteria in the excrement of livestock and poultry, which can greatly improve the micro-ecological environment in the poultry house through acid production and proliferation. , the old factory becomes the new factory.

6. Reduce the indoor ammonia concentration, purify the breeding environment, and effectively reduce the incidence of animal digestive tract diseases and respiratory diseases.

7. It is safe to use, has no drug resistance and drug residues, does not pollute the environment, and can continue to play a deodorizing role in poultry manure.


The main function


 1. Improve feed conversion efficiency, reduce feed-to-egg ratio, increase egg weight, and maintain egg uniformity.

 2. Improve eggshell quality, reduce dirty eggs, broken eggs, increase egg production rate, and prolong egg production peak.

3. Adjust the digestive tract environment, improve immunity, restore and maintain microbial balance, prevent and control the occurrence of intestinal diseases such as diarrhea, reduce watery stools, and significantly reduce mortality.

4. Reduce the impact of feed change, group transfer, vaccination, high temperature, ventilation, etc. on chicken stress.

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