bacillus subtilis enzyme

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    Bacillus Subtilis

    1. The bacillus subtilis is prepared by liquid deep fermentation of a single bacterial strain and special  special drying procedures which ensure its stability and enough viable bacteria (≥ 1 X 10^11 CFU/g). 2. The microbial strain with the advantages of rapid reproduction, high enzyme production capacity and rapid oxygen consumption has been obtained through a long term of optimization and screening. 3. The advanced procedures and techniques have ensured the product with the resistance against acids, alkalis and high temperature, feasible storage, and high viability and stability. 4. Excellent strain with high number of viable bacteria can quickly adjust the balance of intestinal microflora, prevent diseases and improve production performance. 5. It can reduce the use of antibiotics, avoid its negative effects, reduce the generation of drug-resistant bacterial strains, and facilitate disease treatment. 6. It is a safe and reliable green product with no pollution, no drug residues, no drug resistance, and no side effects.

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