Bacillus Subtilis

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Bacillus Subtilis
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1. The bacillus subtilis is prepared by liquid deep fermentation of a single bacterial strain and special  special drying procedures which ensure its stability and enough viable bacteria (≥ 1 X 10^11 CFU/g).
2. The microbial strain with the advantages of rapid reproduction, high enzyme production capacity and rapid oxygen consumption has been obtained through a long term of optimization and screening.
3. The advanced procedures and techniques have ensured the product with the resistance against acids, alkalis and high temperature, feasible storage, and high viability and stability.
4. Excellent strain with high number of viable bacteria can quickly adjust the balance of intestinal microflora, prevent diseases and improve production performance.
5. It can reduce the use of antibiotics, avoid its negative effects, reduce the generation of drug-resistant bacterial strains, and facilitate disease treatment.
6. It is a safe and reliable green product with no pollution, no drug residues, no drug resistance, and no side effects.


1. Upon entering the body, the bacillus subtilis causes rapid consumption of oxygen, which provides a good environment for beneficial bacteria and inhibit reproduction of harmful bacteria.

2. By synthesizing and secreting protease and amylase, the bacillus subtilis causes can compensate insufficient endogenous enzymes in young animals and thus improve protein and starch digestion and the production performance.

3. The large amount of beneficial microbes can quickly colonize the intestinal mucosa competitively with harmful bacteria, which can significantly reduce the colonization of harmful bacteria. Meanwhile, some of the beneficial microbes can selectively bind to the site of harmful bacteria, and promote the excretion of harmful bacteria.

4. The large amount of beneficial microbes in the excretions can reproduce and produce acids which significantly improve the ambient environment.

5. The bacillus subtilis can reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases by decreasing the levels of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases produced in the excretion significantly.

Main functions:


1. The bacillus subtilis can increase feed conversion rate, lower down feed/egg ratio, and increase egg weight and uniformity.

2. The bacillus subtilis can improve eggshell quality and uniformity, reduce dirty and broken eggs, increase egg production and extend the peak production period.

3. The bacillus subtilis can adjust the digestive environment, enhance immunity, recover and maintain microbial balance, and prevent and control diarrhea.

4. The bacillus subtilis can also reduce stress reactions caused by diet changes, transfer, vaccination, high ambient temperature, and transportation.


1. The bacillus subtilis can increase feed intake and weight gain, and shorten the growing period.

2. The bacillus subtilis can adjust the digestive environment, enhance immunity, recover and maintain microbial balance, and prevent and control piglet diarrhea.

3. The bacillus subtilis can improve the intestinal health, and help the piglets to establish the intestinal microflora quickly through the excretions of the sows.

4. The bacillus subtilis can effectively attenuate constipation of the pregnant sows.

5. With the combination of Yiankang product, the bacillus subtilis can also help the cad pigs to be back to normal growth.

Applications: This product needs to be added into feeds constantly at 20-40 g/1000 kg of feed. When in use, premix and dilute gradually and uniformly into the feed. Use out as soon as possible after unsealing. For any unused part, close tightly and store under right conditions.

bacillus subtilis enzyme

Analysis on the current pain points of the industry

1. False mark of enzyme activity

The product is marked with 100,000 enzyme activities, and the actual enzyme activity is 60,000, resulting in incomplete hydrolysis and indirectly increasing the cost of enzymes.

2. Product is unstable

Lack of enzyme protection technology and quality control, unstable enzyme activity, and differences in product specifications for each batch, resulting in product quality fluctuations.

3. Long production cycle

No enzymatic hydrolysis experience and enzyme compounding technology increase labor cost and R&D cycle, which indirectly affects the production schedule.

For us, our major is to solve these pain points

1. The enzyme activity can be customized, providing different enzyme activity products and solutions

2. Stable enzyme activity, unique enzyme activity protection technology to reduce fluctuations in production quality

3. Enzyme activity is not false, strict quality control links, third-party testing to reduce enzyme costs

Quality control strength
6 key control point inspections, escorting the whole process of quality, using extraction, membrane separation, vacuum freeze-drying, spray drying and enzyme activity protection technologies to produce products that fully meet the requirements of global customers.

bacillus subtilis probiotic

Production capacity

  Eight automatic primary fermentation cylinders (60 m³),

  2 pure culture tanks (10 m³),      2 pure culture tanks (5 m³), 

       4 pure culture tank (4 m³),         2 pure culture tanks (1 m³),

  4 pure culture tanks (0.3 m³),     1 large air compressors,

  1 spray/drying tower (1 ton/h),

  4 air drying and fluidized bed drying equipment

  1 production line of ultra concentrate liquid enzyme.

  The annual production capacity of the Starzyme is more than 20,000 tons of liquid, powd

bacillus subtilis

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